Our projects are customization to meet the goals and needs of the event environment and stakeholders. Our knowledge and experience are in the consultation, management, and production of event services for conferences, tradeshows, product launches, promotional events, networking events, meetings, and special events. We specialize in:

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Our AVL solutions are designed to engage the human senses, and focuses on how attendees experience the event, interact with the content, and connect with each other. Our AVL production and technical staff will work with you from concept through post-event to meet your audio-visual needs. The team will create the run-of show and scripts to manage the event. We also produce and support all behind-the-scenes activities. We integrate the latest AVL technologies such as video walls, audio and video distribution, lighting systems to appeal to attendee senses.

    Visual Projection – Display images on various screens. This includes video walls, digital signage, monitors
    Audio Systems – Provide sound reinforcement and public address, and sound systems
    Event Lighting – Set the event mood and tone with stage, effects, and décor lighting systems
    Presentation Management - We work with presenters to create, format, and display their presentation content.
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With our event management and production expertise your project can be a success. We offer a full range of event and meeting services including creative and technical direction to help businesses, entrepreneurs, and professionals showcase their products and services, and grow their brand. 3Ten also offers a range of entertainment services such as live music, DJ entertainment, and Photo Booth for corporate, non-profit, special events, or social occasions.

    Design/Staging – Design and setup standout event stages and spaces
    Planning/Logistics – Plan, manage, monitor, and control activities required to have a successful event
    Entertainment – Live and DJ entertainment for all occasions. Photo Booth entertainment to engage attendees.
    Project Management/Coordination - For each event, our project management approach involves:
    • Discover: Determine and understand event concept, vision, goals, and needs
    • Develop: Plan scope of work, budget, schedule, resources; coordinate and manage project activities
    • Deliver: Perform day-of activities and the event. Conduct closeout/post-event activities, evaluate the project; note lessons learned
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Digital Media: 3Ten Events offers our videography and photography services, expertise, experience, and equipment to capture the details and imagery of your event. We offer single- or multiple-camera event coverage, professional post-production editing, and use the latest video and photo technologies to deliver the best quality products for your project. Our staff handles all aspects of capturing your event from planning through delivering your photos/videos in various formats.

    Event Videography - Record the event and film B-Roll for various use, such as marketing, and social media.
    Event Photography - Take stills/digital images of the event
    Post-Production – Video editing and color grading, finishing touches on event images
    Content Curation – Organize and share information for attendee engagement
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Are you planning events to appeal to existing customers and attract new ones? 3Ten has adapted the technologies and solutions to meet the challenges of today’s evolving event environment. We create unique activation and engagement solutions to captivate your guests.

    Digital Galaxy – This is our Virtual Event production solution that includes:
    • Virtual Staging: Select, design, and stage virtual platforms
    • Rehearsal: Presenter practice sessions, run-throughs, and tech check
    • Remote Production: Virtual production and support
    Hybrid Event Production – Design and deliver in-person + virtual event
    Brand Activation – Appeal to attendees’ senses to drive interaction with clients, sponsors, exhibitors’ brand
    Enhanced Attendee Engagement & Experience – Produce interactive, engaging, multi-sensory experiences
    • Event Polls and Q&A• Gamification and Contests• Digital and Social Interaction• Intellectual Engagement – Participatory Learning and Knowledge Building Experiences