Revolutionizing Events: The Power of AI in Event and Audio-Visual Production

Revolutionizing Events: The Power of AI in Event and Audio-Visual Production

By Rudy Brown

There is no denying that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the big tech here & now, and the future. Everything now seems to include some AI technology.  It is everywhere. I keep picturing those Sci-Fi movies where the machines take over and dominate. 

Giving in to the trend, our team started to look at ways in which we can apply AI to our events.  To accomplish this tedious task, we took the most productive path and sat down for a brainstorming session with no one other than ChatGPT, the AI that some people consider elevated the revolution.

So, in our 5-second human and machine session, we identified seven AI use cases. Guess which ones are the team’s ideas versus the AI? Let’s just say it was 0 to 7 on the scoreboard.  Here is the list of AI-generated ideas for how to use the tool for events:

1. Automating Content Creation

2. Real-time Language Translation

3. Intelligent Lighting and Visual Effects

4. Personalized Experiences with Facial Recognition

5. Automated Video Editing Magic

6. Chatbots for Real-time Interaction

7. Predictive Analytics for Proactive Planning

To be fair, I don’t think any of the ideas generated are earth-shattering revelations, in fact we did have similar ideas, but it had taken us a bit more time to compile them.  Now after the brainstorming session the team shifted to consider how and when to implement the ideas.  By the way we did not invite the AI to that second session, we did not want to be outdone again.  

It is obvious from most of the articles and discussions around the topic, that there are many pros and cons to the use of AI. But, based on our testing of the technology, we will explore how to apply various AI tools in a pragmatic way.  It certainly can be a time-saver in some of our brainstorming sessions. We might also put the technology to limited use in generating some content.  The team will be looking to implement AI in our events where it meets the needs of clients and attendees, and is helpful for our staff and event partners. For us, AI should help enhance the overall event experience, be cost-effective, increase productivity, reduce production time, and satisfy factors such as ethical, legal, social, inclusion, and sustainability considerations.

We at 3Ten Events Inc. are always exploring solutions and evolving with the technology that will help meet your event vision. Therefore, we will strive to integrate AI into our workflow and projects where it is beneficial to the event stakeholders.

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Author: Rudy Brown

Rudy is co-founder and CEO of 3Ten Events Inc., an event services company that specializes in Audio-Visual/Lighting, Event Production, and Media Services for Live, Virtual and Hybrid events. He has worked and partnered with numerous local, national, and global organizations, businesses, non-profits, and international communities, helping to produce their events, provide on-site and remote audio-visual & lighting production, and to capture, create, present, and manage media content. Rudy is a certified project management professional, with over 20 years experience working with and managing various national and international projects.