3 Predictions for 2022  In-Person Events

3 Predictions for 2022 In-Person Events

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By Jahleah Santiago

As a kick-off to 2022 many organizers are already resetting their event calendars! Although many people feel excited to be getting back to in-person events; some may still be unsure.

In our first blog of the year, we look at three of several predictions we believe will impact live events this year.

1. COVI-19 will continue to dictate how we do In-person Events

As we have done for the past two years, the live event industry must continue to adapt and evolve around COVID-19.  As the virus continues to spawn new strains and ebbs and flows in spikes, the event industry must continue developing innovative and creative solutions for keeping our attendees and employees safe, while still providing a memorable in-person experience. Since the start of the pandemic, we have seen the rapid implementation of numerous ways to help keep people safe at events. This trend will continue throughout 2022. We will continue to see low-tech solutions such as plastic barriers and sanitizer stations to create a safe environment during an event. All types of contactless digital thermometers will continue to be used to check guests’ temperature quickly and safely from a distance without much interruption to traffic at registration and check-in areas. Generally, contactless and self-services will be major considerations for developing in-person event solutions.   

Venues, event planners, and organizers must also continue to keep up to date on national and local public health guidelines and rules as these can quickly change, continue to set up COVID-19 protocols such as wearing of masks, spaced seating, disinfecting surfaces, limitations such as social distancing and maximum capacities, and consider fresh air flow and proper ventilation. 

2. More Emphasis on Vaccination Status

Although also COVID-19 related, we think more in-person events will be back in 2022, but with more emphasis on vaccination status. With the emergence of the very transmissible Omicron at the end of last year that curtailed and cancelled some events, and with the potential for new strains to emerge, many venues and events will require attendees and vendors to be vaccinated and boosted. They will also consider different ways to be able to check proof of vaccination and booster status, as a requirement for entry to an in-person event. There are several vaccination tracking apps that can help simplify the screening process, allowing proof of vaccination and important contact details to be stored on a mobile device. When determining vaccination status planners, organizers, and venues must be aware of any local and national rules and regulations in place and ensure that their process is HIPAA compliant. 


To keep everyone safe and help minimize the risk of an outbreak from the in-person, some events might partner with vendors or organizations to provide on-site COVID-19 testing, contact tracing if someone test positive, or specialize in on-site health and safety solutions.

3. More Event AV Tech for Hybrid Events to Come

As the world adjusts to a new normal, digital platform will continue to simplify the event production and management processes by offering all-inclusive bundles and packages. The services range from helpful analytical tools to versatile streaming options, and everything in between. These platforms seek to provide solutions in the ever-shifting event industry that combines the process of event conception, planning, and execution for both an in-person and virtual audience. 

Hybrid events are here to stay. Even with the return of in-person events, organizers, sponsors, and vendors, will continue to incorporate a virtual component, reaching out to a larger audience to grow their event ROI. With that in mind, AV and event technology manufacturers and vendors will continue to rollout new products and solutions to meet the demand.    

In reality, handling a hybrid event doesn’t have to be a nightmare if you are equipped with the right tools for your event. A simple hybrid event setup includes reliable high-speed internet connection on location, at least one laptop computer (although a more glamorous or professional event requires much more), a dependable external camera and microphone that will provide clear, quality video and audio online. Additional equipment to consider includes noise cancelling or noise minimizing microphone, a tripod that can shift from eye level to pan the surroundings and focus on different guest speakers or presenters, cabling to that might prove useful to set up the camera at different locations or distances from the laptop. Lastly, you’ll need an external speaker that is loud enough for the entire room to hear programming or music, proper remote-control device to orchestrate video presentations or lights and a television monitor at your location that can connect to your laptop to stream programming, video and more.

This checklist does not include a team that can assemble, manage, and orchestrate processes such as syncing lighting, audio, programming, presentation, images or video. In the end, the equipment selected must properly work in unison with its counterparts, this means using the proper cords, bulbs, microphones, monitors, user accounts, and so on.

3Ten Events is here to help with your Event 

Despite the specific expectations to keep in mind before planning an in-person, virtual, or hybrid event, there is no reason to be overwhelmed. 3Ten can help you with the event technology and solutions to make your event an enjoyable, memorable, and safe occasion.

To make your 2022 event dreams a reality, you can enlist our team. Let us help you through each stage of the event management and production process. We can guide you from concept to post-event activities. Our team can handle your day of production, allowing you to focus on the main purpose of the event.

By streamlining your event we can help you meet the latest requirements such as guest capacity, safety precautions, and hybrid systems that appeal to all attendees. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you with planning, counseling, presentation management, and more. Make your appointment for a site visit, phone consultation, conference call, or vendor meeting.

Contributor: Jahleah Santiago 

Jahleah is a proactive Marketing Coordinator and Managing editor with published editorial experience for digital magazines and small businesses of cultural significance. A decorated graduate of Hunter College with departmental honors who is constantly looking to bring real stories to life through multimedia projects and written content. 

Jahleah K. Santiago 

Marketing Coordinator and Managing Editor at Spoiled NYC