Elevating Your Fall Festivities

Elevating Your Fall Festivities

As noted by F. Scott Fitzgerald when he said, “Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall,” the end of any year is known as transformative. Popular literature, film, television, and history savors the harvest of gourds, hayrides, and unity.

Additionally, it may be a season to embrace all things spooky, quirky, and silly. How can all of that magic be packaged into a conference, celebration, mixer, expo, or beyond?

 There is a way to throw a signature party that embodies the warmth and charm of the season while still checking all of your program boxes. Let’s zero in on the power of color scheme, lighting gadgets, and other technology that can help you throw your event.

Prioritizing Color Scheme

Traditionally, the autumn leaf aging phenomenon is what prompts trillions of spring’s green leaves to burst into shades of orange, yellow, purple, red, and brown. With that in mind, color can be a powerful tool for setting the tone of a fall event.

Take time to make your selection, whether it be questioning the color of props, program materials, attire for special guests, or interactive booths. According to Pantone, the global authority on color, their 2021 color scheme of the season includes new signature colors like Winery, First Blush, and Downtown Brown.

Lighting Technology

After choosing your core colors, what happens next? By using lighting technology and the assistance of an audiovisual support team, your venue can be splashed with color from wall to wall.

Consider the power of projection machines to customize the lighting of your event, overlaying tones of red, orange, or yellow to create a stain glass effect that is both easy on the eyes and seasonally fitting. If you’re hosting something for Halloween, think about red light accents or deep purple colors.

At 3Ten Events Inc, we stimulate attendees and audiences with AVL solutions that prioritize immersive and interactive content. Our AVL production staff and technical team can take your festive ideas and mold them into a process to execute. The team will help you organize your event priorities and implement the right tools to meet your audio-visual needs. Our use of the latest AVL technology, like lighting systems, can ensure a special and memorable experience.

Audio Visual Gadgets

If you are wondering what else an audiovisual team could assist you with when it comes to a fall bash, think about projection mapping technology. Projection mapping technology is used to create light and sound experiences via sound-reactive projection mapping that can appear on a variety of surfaces.

When considering the cost for projection mapping services you need to budget for development time, projectors, media servers, or hard drives. But, although it may have more limited capabilities, a cost-effective approach like a budget-friendly smart laser projector can be bought online immediately to create the visual experience to enhance your fall event.

To further set the tone of your fall-themed event, consider the added edge that comes with gadgets like smoke or fog machines. There are different machines to choose from depending on the event being thrown.

Inventions like the low fog machine are suitable for fall weddings, presentations, theatrical performances, or a classic Halloween party. A haze machine would additionally work well for outdoor celebrations like a festival in need of emphasizing light effects without too much smokiness. Lastly, the average smoke machine can enhance spooky effects and fill a room rather than just releasing a smokey ground-level fog.

3Ten Events Can Help

By integrating the latest AVL technologies such as video walls, audio and video distribution, and lighting systems we appeal to attendee senses. Feel free to explore our array of tailored AVL services.

To get the most out of innovations in technology, you can enlist our team. Join us for a pre-event meeting, where we outline a run-of-show and scripts to manage your event needs. Our team can even manage the behind-the-scenes activities. Contact us to learn more about our visual projection services, audio systems, presentation management, and more. Schedule an appointment for a site visit, phone consultation, conference call, or vendor meeting.

Contributor: Jahleah Santiago 

Jahleah is a proactive Marketing Coordinator and Managing editor with published editorial experience for digital magazines and small businesses of cultural significance. A decorated graduate of Hunter College with departmental honors who is constantly looking to bring real stories to life through multimedia projects and written content. 

Jahleah K. Santiago 

Marketing Coordinator and Managing Editor at Spoiled NYC