8 Factors for an Audio-Visual Production Quote

8 Factors for an Audio-Visual Production Quote

By Rudy Brown

The factors making up a quote for live event audio-visual services can vary depending on the specific needs and requirements of the event. We will examine eight typical factors that we use to determine a quote:

1. Event Type: Each type of event requires different resources and production. For example, the equipment, staff, and rehearsals for a gala is vastly different than what is required for a corporate meeting.

2. Event Size: The size of the event and the number of attendees factor into the audio-visual quote. It will take more equipment and staff to produce a large event of 1,000 attendees in contrast to 100 guests.

3. Equipment: The event needs, type, and size, are considerations for selecting the type and amount of equipment required for an event. The event equipment might include various audio, lighting, staging, video, streaming, and other equipment. Costs for providing this equipment or renting it vary in price and are a big factor determining a quote.

4. Staff: In most instances, the biggest portion of the audio-visual quote is the staff. The amount and expertise of staff needed is a major factor. Each level of worker on the AV team such as stagehands, engineers, technicians, operators, project managers, and other production staff, will have various rates that factors into that final dollar amount.

5. Timeframe: The amount of time for all the production work required also plays a part. Tasks such as for load-in, setup, rehearsal, breakdown, load-out, and the actual time for the event are all considered.

6. Venue: The venue where the event will take place is also a consideration. The layout and infrastructure of the venue may require additional equipment such as longer cable runs, power distribution, or more staff to be brought in to ensure a successful event.

7. Format: The format of the event, that is whether live, virtual, or hybrid will determine the physical and human resources needed for the occasion.

8. Additional Services: Extra required services such as recording, or post-production editing can also be add-ons to the AV services and therefore included in the event quote.

What is common among the factors considered is that they are interrelated. The Event type, size, format, timeframe, venue, and additional services all determine the number and type of Staff and Equipment needed. All these and possibly other factors may be considered by an audiovisual production company when providing the quote for their event services.

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Rudy Brown is CEO at 3Ten Events Inc.