about-photo-1Who we are…

Back in 2005 two fun-loving individuals decided to take their enjoyment of good entertainment to another level. One individual had experience planning and hosting various events, from weddings, to family and social events; and the other managed music entertainment for parties and special events. But, both had a common goal, to provide fun and enjoyment to others. From this a new event and entertainment partnership was started, leading to the birth of 3Ten Events Inc. Over the years 3Ten has expanded its range of services to now providing event services, entertainment, audio visual, and photography services.

The company’s mission is to provide quality, professional event and entertainment services, and deliver a unique, enjoyable and memorable experience for our clients, guests, staff, partners, event vendors, and everyone doing business with us. Creativity, innovation, quality, professionalism, trust, and partnership are our core values.

What we do…

3Ten adds value to each event. We minimize client time; save on event costs; maximize the use of technology; align client’s needs and objectives, guest expectations, and event solutions; connect the people for the event; create a very focused yet fun event environment; and include special feature(s) to make each event different. 3Ten goes that extra mile to create and deliver a unique, enjoyable and memorable experience.

about-photo-2How we do it…

We put people first: creating our own, unique event management approach that focuses on the people involved with each event. This approach: Clients, Guests, and Event Solutions (CGUES), helps us understand our clients’ event needs and objectives, anticipates guests’ expectations, and determines appropriate event solutions. CGUES provides the understanding and knowledge to develop custom event packages that align with the clients’ needs and objectives, and guests’ expectations.

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