As we look forward to our 10 year anniversary, it is a good time to look back to where we are coming from.

3Ten was formed based on the love of entertainment and the gift of planning and organizing events.  Back in 2005 our co-founders joined forces, combining their passion and gift into launching an entertainment company.

In the Beginning

From an early age Rudy our co-founder and president, was showing off his latest dance steps to crowds of total strangers.  He grew up collecting and playing music, learning the latest dance steps, and attending some great parties.  In the late 1980’s Rudy purchased his first sound system and teamed up with a couple of DJs.  Unfortunately this partnership was not to last.  Due to some very bad decisions by his partners, Rudy had to leave the team, but did not give up his love for entertainment.  So began his quest to manage his own entertainment company, and the start of what was to come.

Narisse, our co-founder and vice-president, was constantly called upon to plan and organize functions for her family, friends, groups, and her work.  As a Marketing Manager, Narisse also gained experience working at trade expos. She had always been apt at quickly and skillfully coordinating everything and everyone, to pull off some successful events.  But, due to life’s twist and turns, ups and downs, she never really considered taking her skills into forming her own company.

Where it all started

It was a winter snowstorm, a March 10th club party, and an act of faith that brought our co-founders together.  That chance meeting is the result of where we are today. Rudy and Narisse discovered their common interests and skills and decided to join forces. Together they started to learn the business and take on small event and entertainment jobs. Five years later, after finishing a very successful destination event, the company was officially launched.

The company started out as “Three Ten Images and Sounds”, primarily a DJ Entertainment company. At least once each year we hosted our own special event.  3Ten events are a blast!  Each year our guests truly look forward to the great food, fantastic music, and fabulous atmosphere that our events provide.  Each of our events is a unique experience.

The Early Years

We started building a client base and hosting various events throughout the New York tri-state area.  In the first few years as many other small business, we went through the growing pains.  As the business started to have regular bookings and a steady flow of first-time and repeat clients, along came the recession of 2008.  Event budgets were disseminated, so clients scaled back their events or totally canceled them.  As a large number of workers were becoming unemployed, lots of people started entering the event planning and DJ entertainment area, the growing competition putting more strain on the business.

During those tough times we struggled to drive new business and build our brand.  But, at the planning of one of our summer party, our graphic designer creatively decided to shorten our company name so that it fits better on our promotional material.  Hence, 3Ten was born.  With the rename, came new visions, an opportunity to re-brand, re-organize and fine tune our service offerings.

We put people first 

In 2013, we officially changed our name to 3Ten Events Inc.  Since then we have transitioned into an event management company offer a range of services for special events.  We have differentiated our services, by creating custom event packages based on our own Customer, Guest, and Event Solutions (CGES) approach.  This CGUES method helps us better understand our clients’ event needs and objectives, anticipates guests’ expectations, and determines appropriate event solutions including staffing and vendors.

Working with mainly organizations and small businesses, we provided mostly entertainment services for fundraisers, promotional and special events.  But as our client base grew; we recognized the need to help our clients mange aspects of their events.  More clients were contacting us to help with their venue search, finding caterers, helping with decors and settings, and booking photographers and videographers.  To meet our clients’ needs we transitioned into an event management company.   Now we offer a range of services mainly Event Management, Entertainment, Audio Visual, and Photography and Videography services.

Growing into the Future

Over the past two years the economy has rebounded, there is an increase in the number of events being held, and we have expanded of our services.  These factors have led a positive growth in our business of the period,   as event sales grow, so has our company.  Our business approach is to collaborate with individual event vendors, forming one team managed by 3Ten.

We are excited about our future outlook and the forecast for our continued growth.  Over the next year we will be boosting our brand, expanding our staff, reorganizing our operations, and adding new inventory. 3Ten will continue its mission to provide quality, professional event and entertainment services, and deliver a unique, enjoyable and memorable experience for everyone.  We look forward to celebrating our 10 year anniversary in true 3Ten style.

Have an EVENTful time, and Happy Partying!