Multi-Ethnic Group of People and Career Concepts

Inclusion and diversity are at the heart of our successful team…

We are always looking for talented people to join our inclusive and diverse, close-knitted team of creative, dynamic, and fun-loving people. We invite you to submit your cover letter and resume for current openings, internships, or future opportunities.

Thank you for your interest in 3Ten Events Inc.

Sales and Marketing Associate

We are seeking a sales and marketing associate with the drive, creative, and skills to help us grow. You will help plan and implement sales, marketing, and advertising activities. As part of the team, you will be the go-to person for sales and marketing analysis and research, product and service promotion, and customer and industry trends.  Experience and knowledge in the event and meeting space are a big plus.

Social Media Assistant

We are looking for a qualified individual to help build our online presence, and execute online marketing campaigns. The individual should be familiar with various types of digital media, and should be creative and responsible when interacting with potential clients and building relationships. You should be able to establish the appropriate in-person and online relationships that would help convert leads to clients.

Event Services Coordinator

We are seeking a self-starter with strong event planning, creative design, and management abilitie. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills are required to work with our clients and execute successful events.  We hope to find someone who is creative, organized, and a multi-tasker.

Assistant Audio Video and Lighting Technicians

Great part-time positions for individuals with Audio, Video, and Lighting knowledge and experience.  The individuals will set up, test, operate, and troubleshoot audio, video, lighting equipment including projectors, video screens, video walls, microphone, sound systems, décor and lighting, running cables, and staging for events, meetings, and presentations.

Road Crew/Technical Support (Roadie)

Part-time positions as a Roadie is available.  This role will mainly involve set up, breakdown, and safe transportation of event equipment (including power supply) and sets. The job is very physical, so potential candidates should be able to lift, carry, and move heavy equipment. The Roadie should be very comfortable working at heights, climbing high ladders, riggings, trussing, etc. A valid driver’s license is a major advantage.

Videography and Photography Assistant

Individuals with videography and/or photography ability can come join our team.  You should be able to work with various video and photo technologies, and be able to film or photograph various types of events and meetings.

How to Apply

You may either email your resume and cover letter to us at or fill out the contact form below.