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3Ten Events Inc. is a New York-based event management company specializing in a range of services for organizations and small business special events.

We are always looking for talented people to join our close-knitted team of creative, dynamic, and fun-loving people from diverse backgrounds. We invite you to submit your cover letter and resume for current openings, internships or future opportunities.

Thank you for your interest in 3Ten Events Inc.

Road Crew/Technical Support (Roadie)

We are seeking persons to join our Road Crew/Technical Support staff (Roadie). Working as a Roadie will mainly involve the setting up and taking down of equipment (including power supply) and sets used at events. This will include being responsible for the safe transportation of all equipment and event set. The job is very physical, so candidates should be able to lift, carry, and move heavy equipment. The Roadie should be very comfortable working at heights, climbing high ladders, riggings, trussing, etc. Venues can be a physical challenge, with no proper access for equipment, and may be noisy and cramped. The candidate might work alone or as part of a team. Also candidate should be able to work calmly under all types of pressure situation. Formal qualifications and/or experience are not required but would be a plus, especially in electrical/electronics, lighting/sound production, video projection, effects, event sets and décor. A valid driver’s license is a major advantage.

Marketing and Social Media Internship

We are looking for a qualified intern to join our marketing/sales team. The marketing/sales/social media intern will help us build awareness, execute marketing campaigns, and increase interest in the company, and sell our services. Our ideal candidate is someone who can enter a room of people and quickly make friends. The candidate should be able to establish the appropriate in-person and online relationships that would lead to clients. The individual should be familiar with various types of marketing media, and should be creative and responsible when interacting with potential clients and building relationships. The qualified candidate will be asked to provide sample postings to two different social media. The individual will also complete a phone interview, and also an in- person interview if selected.

How to Apply

You may either email your resume and cover letter to us at or fill out the online application below.

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