Marketing / Sales / Social Media Internship


We are looking for a qualified intern to join our marketing/sales team. The marketing/sales/social media intern will help us build awareness, execute marketing campaigns, and increase interest in the company, and sell our services. Our ideal candidate is someone who can enter a room of people and quickly make friends. The candidate should be able to establish the appropriate in-person and online relationships that would lead to clients. The individual should be familiar with various types of marketing media, and should be creative and responsible when interacting with potential clients and building relationships. The qualified candidate will be asked to provide sample postings to two different social media. The individual will also complete a phone interview, and also an in- person interview if selected.


  • Assist in the creation, distribution, or delivery of marketing materials
  • Perform analysis of marketing and sales data
  • Seek and analyze competitor marketing and sales materials both on and offline
  • Prepare marketing and sales presentations
  • Enter contact information into contact management systems
  • Administer and monitor social media accounts including (but not limited to), Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram
  • Engage online communities and contribute content ideas that support and promote the company, our services, and events
  • Identify and qualify leads, and compile lead lists
  • Serve as the first in-depth point of contact and provide services information to customers
  • Assist team to complete new bookings and close deals with clients


  • Currently have active Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram accounts
  • Proven history of quality posts containing text, photos and other types of media
  • Able to attend weekly social media meetings with the marketing/sales team
  • Eager to learn and be proactive with new tasks
  • Candidate must display the ability to act in a professional manner at all times
  • Evenings and weekends may be required

Personal Skills

  • Good practical work ethics and professionalism
  • Work well individually or as part of a team
  • Ability to follow instructions
  • Show strong initiative
  • Efficient, effective, and thorough
  • Reliable, dependable, and trustworthy
  • Flexible, disciplined, and good personality