3Ten Front & Center with the 5th Annual WOTR

  • WOTR 5th Annual Forum & Expo

Lights, cameras and passion! On October 19th and 20th 2018, LaGuardia Plaza Hotel hosted the 5th annual “Women On The Rise Forum and Expo” (WOTR). The event founder Marsha Guerrier, a best-selling author, business consultant and “Mompreneur” created “Women On The Rise” to celebrate female owned businesses and inspire women to start their own journey.

Speakers that took part in the forum shared uniquely powerful presentations and participated in panels that required clear sound and video services to deliver the impact and full experience for the audience. Crucial business advice, contact information, strategies and marketing knowledge were shared and received via slide shows, graphics, and live video displays.

The fundamental figure of the day was Vera Moore. Vera Moore was originally working as an actress, famous for her role on the NBC series Another World. After her own firsthand experience in the media industry, she recognized that there was a lack of cosmetics and beauty products made specifically for African American women. While on the TV series, makeup artists struggled to match cosmetics to Vera’s tone. This problem was the source of her next business venture.  As entrepreneur and CEO of Vera Moore Cosmetics, Vera’s hard work and research was able to launch her brand. More impressively, funneling all her economic power and resources over a five-year period allowed her to cement herself into storefronts, alongside other respected cosmetics brands.  Vera Moore’s story of resilience reminded listeners that at the base of true profit is a service that solves the problems we face in life. Thanks to her line, women feel included and have the same opportunity to invest in their appearance. Her work ethic and solution-based business inspiration encouraged the audience to truly do the hard work necessary to serve others.

Mala Duhki Bhansingh walked on to the presentation stage as both a representation of women’s greatest aspirations and fears. She was relatable. Mala was previously living a seemingly stable life as a stay at home mother, financially secured by her husband and able to spend precious time with her children. Mala’s life took a turn once infidelity and divorce shook her up and called her financial stability into question. Thankfully, Mala’s hefty professional experience and master’s degree allowed her to return to the workplace with vigor and qualification. Unfortunately, careers are often compromised by romantic relationships. Many without impressive resumes may struggle to get their foot in the door of high paying positions that would provide the salary to support their independence. These challenges and changes in her life are what inspired Mala to create “Wise Women Smarty Money”, an economic coaching business for those wishing to create a budget plan and manage their finances properly.

Sarah Madra’s presentation titled, “The Anatomy Of Trust” resonated with the entire room. Something we prioritizes as one of our main values.  Our honest delivery of services and unwavering respect for our clientele.  This presentation taught us and so many other businesses at the “Women at the Rise forum”. Sarah taught her very own useful formula for better communication, for use with clients and partners. The method is custom designed by Sarah, making it her own signature content.

As a licensed mental therapist, Sarah has built her business on being authentically herself and utilizing her platform to help others do the same. Some aspects Sarah highlighted in order to better businesses were setting proper boundaries with clientele while remaining generous. Sarah’s detailed, and specific presentation left listeners with a diagram to succeed in the realm of professional communication, an overlooked but important area. The audience was appreciative of the value of this presentation.

While on stage, Nyala Phillips asked, “What if everyone lives life with a custom message inside of them, waiting to share whatever they are passionate about for the enrichment of others?” She explored this idea of marketing your own authentic message in order to build a brand at the “Women On The Rise” expo. As a survivor of domestic violence and the foster care system, Phillips entire life story commanded the attention and admiration of all those listening and watching. Her presentation taught us about the human ability to turn obstacles into enterprising opportunities. Phillips also offered everyone access to her personal coaching informational sessions by displaying her contact information along with specific code on the (VA) systems, immediately jotted down by interested audience members.

After losing her business, one which Phillips had depleted all her resources to launch, she was emotionally and financially distraught. She decided to use what she had left, a resilient spirit and her unique life experiences. This turn of events inspired her to create the “Market Your Message,” branding and business strategy. Now, as the owner of NP Consulting, creator of the “Market Your Message” formula and the We Win Movement founder, she is working to produce her wealth day in and out. Her work encourages dozens of entrepreneurs to know their value, trust their intuition and never give up on their dreams.

Bershan Shaw delivered the keynote address, “Be A Warrior…, Be Unstoppable”, on day 2 of the event.  Bershan has overcome may life challenges to become an international motivational speaker, tv personality, author, business and leadership coach.  She introduced the audience to her LIFT model: L-Let go of your past; I-Isolate your self from negativity; F-Fear no more; T-Take your dreams to the top.  Her call to action was to stop waiting, stop procrastinating, stop being afraid. One standout advice was to try and have at least five revue streams, not to settle for just one.  If one dries up you can go to the others.

This amazing event was full of empowering people, speaking on their real-life methods to succeed. The speakers and their content educated listeners regarding topics such as finance, marketing, communication, lifestyle, wellness and branding in order to support their existing and developing endeavors. The presence of strong professionals under one roof represented how the community of female business owners has grown and seeks to strengthen its network. Overall, the “Women On The Rise” movement Marsh Guerrier created is giving voices to small businesses owned by women and the coaching resources seeking to support them.

Our team at 3Ten Events was front and center for all the action, quite literally. This was our second consecutive year partnering with WOTR on this event.  We assisted and enjoyed the magic making process through our audio-visual and event production.  3Ten provided all the AV elements, we staged the sound system, video projection, and display signage, and provide AV technical support throughout the event. Our videography unit and the social media team capture and share each memorable moment. 3Ten also sponsored a media lounge that was a buzz with activities. Attendees, vendors, media personnel, presenters all gathered to work, network, relax, recharge and have fun.

3Ten strives to meet and exceed or hosts’ and guests’ expectations. The team performed adeptly in every area.  We were able overcome any challenge, delivered on all we were called upon to do, and helped to make it a very successful expo.  By working together with this event, we were part of something bigger, that resulted in the widening of our network and further strengthening of our partnership with WOTR. We are very grateful at the opportunity to amplify and share the voices of such innovative and powerful business women with all in attendance.  We now look forward to next year’s event.

Written by Jahleah Santiago