3 Corporate Entertainment Trends to Captivate Your Attendees

Corporate events are not always thought of to be the most entertaining because they can get mundane and boring. When it comes to picking and choosing the entertainment for the attendees at your corporate event, you might be having a hard time coming up with unique ideas that engage and provide a delightful, yet memorable experience. In order to get your attendees excited, you’re going to have to mix it up and get creative. It’s awfully important that your guests have an enjoyable experience while attaining the information they need, so check out these 3 new trends for providing corporate entertainment you’ve probably never thought of before.

Social Entertainment – Ever wonder why social media is so popular? It’s because people love staying connected. Due to this, the best way to engage your attendees and get them involved is by incorporating social entertainment. A social media photo booth is a great option for corporate events because it lets your guests snap multiple pictures then instantly post them to social media sites with your logo stamped on them, in turn maximizing your brand exposure as well as providing fun unforgettable entertainment. There are also numerous kinds of ice breaker games, such as charades, that can help your attendees loosen up and get to know each other.

Multi-Dimensional Entertainment – Long gone are the days where event attendees sit for hours and watch a single screen presentation. Since we live in a world that revolves around the daily use of technology, it might be a good idea to provide your guests with a form of multi-dimensional entertainment by giving them a way to access in-depth information from their own secondary smartphones and devices or with the use of games and interactive media. Your company may even want to invest in the development of an app designed specifically for the attendees of your event that lets users explore the essential material and give their honest feedback. Other means of multi-dimensional entertainment include the use of various forms of lighting and music to creatively accompany them and create an unparalleled ambiance.

Multi-Sensory Entertainment – Want to really impress your attendees? Appeal to your guests’ senses of touch, tastes and smell for a truly remarkable and unique event. Smell is perhaps the most imperative sense and can have an effect on your guests’ all around experience. There are all kinds of different ways you can provide this exclusive type of entertainment from having a wine or coffee and espresso bar that your guests can taste variations and indulge in the scents or with the use of sensory equipment such as bubble or aromatherapy machines.


The key to a successful corporate event is furnishing a one-of-a-kind guest experience so that each and every attendee will retain the pertinent information they need and remember it for time to come while having a good time with colleagues. Why not give it a go and incorporate these 3 new entertainment trends at your next corporate event. Your guests will surely appreciate a deviation from the norm.