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3 AV&L Tips Event Producers Should Consider

With a major shift in event culture and rapid growth in technology, event audio-visual and lighting (AV&L) has taken on a whole new meaning and level of importance.  Event designers and producers must now constantly rethink their AV&L needs and usage.  Here are a few quick tips and bits we normally share with our clients.     

1. Understand the event’s mission

Designers and producers should understand why the client is hosting the event, what they are trying to accomplish, how they want it done, who they are doing it for, and what value they hope to achieve.  With these in mind, the AV&L design and production should reflect the purpose of the event and include a plan how to meet these objectives.

2. The strategy should drive the AV&L

The event goal and objectives should drive the type of AV&L solutions and technology for the event, not the event tech driving the strategy.  The event tech should enhance the experience, and not hinder it.  Participants will be quickly turned-off when the solution or technology is not intuitive, easy to use, or bring value to their experience.  Your event video, audio, and lighting systems should help drive the theme, and create the emotions. Integrating multi-form and multi-function systems and workflows might be more cost effective and efficient, and more manageable. 

3. Participant Engagement is key

All participants have come to expect personalized experience as a major aspect of an event.  Consider an AV&L production that incorporates Attendees, Sponsors, Organizers, Vendors

involvement and interaction.  Flashing a sponsor’s name across the screen no longer counts as involvement.  Creating a branded immersive activation, where participants can be engaged and be part of the experience is the new norm. 

Contact 3Ten Events Inc. to help you successfully incorporate these tips in your next event. 3Ten Events Inc. takes great pride in the professionalism and quality audio-visual, lighting, staging, and production services we deliver for any type of event.  We partner with our clients to attain their event vision and mission. 


Rudy Brown – 3Ten Co-Founder & Head of Solutions & Technology

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